[Side A] Enjoy Yr Stay

by Rick O'Shay

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digital tape.


released March 17, 2014

album cover by jeremie cyr.



all rights reserved


Rick O'Shay Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: hot tooth
i got my role set in stone
just keep my mouth shut
& leave you alone
don't even bother with the lights
don't want the neighbors to witness this fight
somebody's howlin' at the moon
they're just as tired of the doom & the gloom
set it on fire, lock the door
there's no such thing as too much anymore
you get your orders from on high
peddlin' those wares that no one'll buy
somebody slippin' out the front
too busy plannin' the bravest of stunts
left me high & dry by the riverside
saw you skipping stones
bleached bones
leaving holes in the tide
if i cannot abide by your moral code
i believe i've been sold
something i can't give away
tell us a story
tell your tale
you'll get your shot to flame out & fail
won't let my brother call your name
you wrong to think we are one & the same
Track Name: cockroaches
open up your eyes, honey!
i can see somebody comin'
don't act so surprised
i ain't got no money on me
how you gonna pay. how you gonna pay?
I GOT THIS & you got no one else to ask
~homicidal blues~
can't be dependent on you
if i believe your lies
then what does that say about me?
things that you despise
encompass you entirely
how you gonna pay, how you gonna pay?
I GOT THIS & you've got no one else to ask
a silence so strident
i just hope it's not true
as we understand it
but we're not supposed to want to
be underhanded
get what's comin' so soon
exploiting the bandit
oh, how clever of you
you can't stand to choose
who are you going to lose?
who are you going to choose?
i can't stand to lose
Track Name: dope fiend lean
we haven't established this fact, and its impact at that, it's all out of whack, but you could never just hold back, anticipate the final act. no no no i can't stand it, how'd you let the bottom fall thru, or is it true? is that just something you won't do? you'd have to stop being you. you had the whole day to try and i can question why you have to stomp in style, and you can't make this worth your while. so phil-o-sophically wild. when we disbanded, i was not beholden to you or your point-of-view, the tasks you just could not see through, the dangerous debts you had accrued. and oh though it pains me to say this when you could just live on in your bliss, in this abyss, when I'm so easy to dismiss and you can't stand to reminisce.
Track Name: no fury (a woman scorned)
i can hardly breathe when you speak
talking 'bout so & so
how they can never know
i can feel my legs go weak
you got me runnin' thru the motions
but i will not admit defeat
seems that when you talk
you repeat
i only need to hear it once
in one ear then it's gone
but you keep coming back to me
i got your number hidden under my bed
where no one else can see
you can live your life like a sneak
but i'm hopin' that your day will come
when your lies will come undone
and you can't sell them back to me
'cause i'll remember them forever
and i swear that's a guarantee
i don't know what i've been told
but you think this is getting old
well i think you are freezing cold
if i can be so bold
Track Name: junglerot
the neighbors they glare
they must think my life's in despair
but i take good care
to avoid the stairs
and i slip in the back
keeping my ego intact
but i was not aware
somebody was there
hoping that the heat subsides
so i can run & hide
and you can leave your former self inside
all the things that i could say
are buried beneath other days
triplicates of things i don't need
people forgot to pay
i gotta say, things these days, they're really going my way
i gotta say, things these days, they're really going my way
leaving all my things outside
they'll all get left behind
and you can always change your wandering mind
it's the little things i'll bring with me
i hope they'll get me up to speed
syndicates for people who need them so much more than me
i gotta say, things these days, they're really going my way
i gotta say, things these days, they're really going my way
Track Name: disc one: final boss
nobody's home and it's getting too late
sudden darkness fell and they're closing the gate
i will not lie to ya and say i will wait
it's as if a swell had come swept you away
the butcher's son swore he'd take care of you
as is his habit to be in full pursuit
he'll take a stab at it (never lacking fortitude)
he'll do whatever you're wont to do
and in the back by an old wooden stage
she read advice from an old worn-out page
she said the current spread would be rearranged
/insinuations about my real age
now i'm entrapped in this unruly game
will not redact a word (take any blame)
so long's this thing's still on
/don't make it untrue
her maiden name was never given to you
Track Name: chaperone
so i take a stance and hope that it pays off
so at least i'll be safe until this gets across
and as we sit alone forbidden zones get switched on
or at least i think so, i cannot quite recall
late in the night, went to pick a fight
i saw a man holding hands with his knife
he screamed and & he groaned
he couldn't find his way home
and he had no face to call his own
out in the yard
where they don't keep no guard
he played dead
he was ours to discard
feet left no trail, they went off on their own
he saw a specter on his way home
now i'd be a fool to hold your breath
cup it in my hands like a whisper of death
feed the unknown with the crops you've grown
and i'll have a sense of what has yet to be shown
sleeping off the high of being this low
i apologize i have to postpone
you won't try to lie, you've got no backbone
i won't try to hide it, for a loop i was thrown