[Side B] Off The Wall

by Rick O'Shay

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released November 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Rick O'Shay Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: scrappy mountain majesty
i can't wait to find that reprobate
he stole boldly
put our fortune at stake
almost nightly
he prowls the interstate
i can't count well
but i know how often this
ends up cycling
back toward stasis
rapt attention soon steels our wandering minds
left in dissension unable to redefine
the contention with which i draw the line
cadillacs carrying dentists to extramarital tristes
flashbacks marry widows to very charitable beasts
and i can't find a shovel that would dig that deep
he makes night moves!
slips in those tight grooves
you'll never understand
that makes him half a man
take your sorrow
he steals not borrows
he's got the best laid plans
but no attention span!
Track Name: ruffed tonk
we let go
in the softest snow
& it was way too cold
& i'm way too old (for this shit)
the old man knows
that his game is broken
it's lost its layers
there's no more players
a man's got needs
& yours will supersede
the many needs of others
who have no brothers left
thru yr disdain
i can ascertain
the very cause of the pauses
that halt our gain
can you track me down?
can you find me where i _am_ now?
from the slightest shift in sound
when my feet start hitting the ground
Track Name: golden monkey singing boldly
i never dreamt that i would die
without any flies
buzzing overhead
he said
that i was laughing near the end
i've got my fingers on the pulse of everything
that comes through
if that scent lingers on ya
well i say there's nothing you can do
i never said that i would die
without any lies
hanging overhead
she said
that it won't matter in the end
i've got my fingers on the pulse of everything
that comes through
if that scent lingers on ya
well i say there's nothing you can do
i hope the brave display
will squash what they'll say
avoided a doomsday
they said
we won't be capable of trade
i got my bed made
and it acts as a barricade
and keeps out the underpaid
they've been played out since yesterday
a home run took me home
where i caught flack from my own
my errors have been overblown
been misled since i was born
Track Name: preteens
ain't like the old days
nobody prays
thoughts get lost in the frost of a stony gaze
~ and it's OK ~
found out the hard way
about latent delays
wrongs get written in air and then blow away
put on display
shake off the night daze
bewildered kids
perverted purveyor of pestilent goods
glides into the woods
he used to warn me
all brightness will fade
you'll be kept in the dark with no spark to draw flame
remaining arcane
outside the night school
where no learning was done
we would rest on the laurels
of what was to come
in the auditorium
so many hopefuls
frightened on the stage
they were able to move
but unable to sway
the audience their way
they seem confused
the laughs they are not coming!
viewpoints obtuse
they will not take our $$$!
palpably astute
they cannot hear us humming!
staunchly refused
they will not be forthcoming!
Track Name: cheetah be lion
they built their own stage
put on their own plays
the silent audience
their patience will wane
nobody's glued to their seat
nobody will stay
i am the only one
who will not be swayed
locked in a gold cage
approaching old age
the patrons stutter love
and wisdom so sage
nobody's in the same book
or on the same page
i am the only one
giving endings away
no time for wordplay
these rhymes a white flag
each passing hour will break
clocks sputter & lag
somebody stands at the front
a spectator begs
i am the only one
not giving it away

ekes its way out
believes it
so there'll never be
any doubt
finds its way thru
seeks heat
that seeps into
each part of you
stick your hand out
hope that i'll grab it
while you lark about
hone your vision
a split decision
will ring out aloud
find his daughter
high holy waters
separate the estates
cheats the fences
stoic and pensive
they stand in the way
tricks the senses
a sight so offensive
that pretenses reigned
feet grew defensive
they stormed centre stage